Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School

Summer break is over, and I'm already three days into the new school year!  I decided to take the summer off from blogging as well, but I'm back and ready to share more interactive activities for the music classroom.

My goal with IWBMusic this year is to post shorter entries more often.  I might share a new site or resource, or I might share an old favorite that I'm using in the classroom at the time.  The second goal I have for this blog is to write longer, more detailed reviews and lessons every few months.  I had originally set a goal to write a long entry each month, but that wasn't working well for me.  I think this new goal will get me writing and posting more often.

Click Here for GWEMusic
To get things started this year, I invite you to check out my classroom links page.  It is a collection of interactive music sites I have found over the years.  Because the web address my school district uses is very long, I always walk through how to find the site with my students.  Next, I always review how to use this links page with my students because there are literally hundreds of links on here.

I created a "categories" section at the top of the page to help with navigation.  It's not the best in the world, but it helps.  I also put a small screenshot with each link to help visual learners find the sites quickly.  I have found and used other thorough collections of music websites, but I find that even if the links are alphabetical, I have a hard time finding the links that I like when they are completely text-based.  I have found that a small picture helps immensely.

I hope that you find my collection useful.  I also hope that you have a great start to the new school year.  I look forward to sharing more often this year.  Please remember to check out the IWBMusic Facebook page and Google+ page, and please leave comments and share the resources!


  1. Would love to see listed with these other great sites. Free lessons, courses, resources, quizzes, etc. for 37 instruments. Hope u will take a look.

    1. Eugene, I'm glad you like the site, and thanks for sharing your great site! I've added DLP to my "Online Musician Tools" bookmark.