Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mr. Rogers' Stop Light (Tempo)

I keep a link to Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood PBS Kids website on my classroom page for my young students to explore at home.  Occasionally I will show a video clip from his site featuring music, but most of the time I just let kids visit it on their own time.  For some reason last week I was looking over the site, and came across the Stop Light Game.  Just as the lights shine in the stop light, a light suddenly turned on in my head!

The Stop Light Game is so simple, and it will work especially well in your primary music classrooms.  When the light turns red, stop clapping.  When the light turns yellow, clap slowly.  When the light turns green, clap quickly!  That's it!  Simple.

The lights change by themselves allowing you to walk around the room helping students as needed.  It also frees you up to assess students without them knowing it!  I'm always looking for a way to keep good student data, and this is a huge help!

There is also an option to "Play With a Friend."  With this option, the lights will not change unless you press them.  Invite students to come to the computer or interactive whiteboard, and ask them to change the light.  See if they can trick their classmates!  Again, this allows you to walk around the room as needed.

Simple.  You've got to love simple, and you've got to love good ol' Mr. Rogers!

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